The modern and chic is a work by a young designer from New York. The story started from 1993, the final decade of the 20 century and a decade of confidence and great vision. Young people with dream and courage from around the world were attracted to New York; they pursued dreams and created values in the melting pot. That is where was born.

Derived from the freedom and vivacity of New York City, acclaims not only genuineness, fashion and vitality -- the characteristics of New York, but is also fascinated by those young people's energy, that is so admirable and true to themselves. Inspired by the philosophy of freedom, gives up vagueness and draws on the qualities true to itself and applies black and white for its interpretation of being oneself.

Black and white express absolutely and strongly one's personality and create a simple yet sophisticated modern chic as well as an effortless coziness. We use black and white to reach out to young people's desire for both sophistication and individuality.
, naturally be yourself.

“If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.”〈NewYork, NewYork〉
“We all love New York,” proudly and certainly.

New York is full of possibilities, is filled with energy, dream and love. Anything wonderful could happen here. Flocks of aspiring young people gather in New York and become a group of New Yorkers; they have a passion for life and are ready to build their foreseeable future with efforts and see the world with a passionate mindset. Yes, we are talking about passion. Passion is the key to the greatness; passion shows you what the ordinary don't see. If you share the same ideas with us, we welcome you, dear friends, to New York City -- your promised land.