Liey Fashion Co. Ltd

Employees: Approximately 200
Address: 9F., No.213, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10488, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-2-2528-8826

Liey Fashion Co., a company that leads the trend

Taiwan's economy was prosperous in the 1980s; it not only reached the criteria for a developing country and but was also moving towards the rank of a developed country. Most local enterprises began to real

1984 Liey Fashion Co. was established in Taipei
1993 Introduced in Taiwan
1997 Published magazine in Taiwan
1998 Opened flagship store in Taipei
1999 Issued license for accessories, in partnership with Vendome Yamade Corp.
Established an office in Shanghai
Acquisition of stake in Lush Taiwan
2000 Issued license for bags, in partnership with Select Fashion Accessories Co., Ltd.
2001 Issued license for timepieces, in partnership with Paidel Watch House
Issued license for eyewear, in partnership with Xiang Technology Optical Co., Ltd.
2002 Introduced
Established retail locations in Japan
Established retail locations in Canada
2003 Established retail locations in Singapore
Formed a department dedicated to fashion office/workwear
2004 Introduced cell phones, in partnership with Inventec Corporation
Acquisition of stake in Mary Quant
2005 Introduced
Introduced boutique apartment building in partnership with Victoria Group
Open flagship store in Shanghai
2006 Established manufacturing facility in Shanghai
2007 Issued license for accessories, in partnership with Paidel Watch House
2008 Issued license for handkerchiefs and hosiery, in partnership with Teng Yu Co., Ltd.
Integrated the office, manufacturing facility and warehouse in the Shanghai base
Issued license for shoes, in partnership with Disc J Co., Ltd
2009 Introduced
Issued license for eyewear, in partnership with China Baodao Optical Co., Ltd.
Issued license for car and pet accessories, in partnership with Towa Goods Inc.
Opened No.9 Girls Concept Store on Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei
2010 Established retail locations in Russia
2011 Issued license for NEW YORK GIRL J.J. bag, in partnership with Keenmoon International Co., Ltd.
2012 Opened Apt. J New Yorkers concept store on Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei
2013 Issued license for skincare, in partnership with Timing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Issued license for eyewear, in partnership with Kobayashi Optical Co., Ltd.

We are dedicated to pursuing the attitude of New Yorkers -- the confidence and sophistication they exude and the natural, chic and dynamic qualities they preserve. They are glamorous and true to themselves. You are welcome to join our family and work with.

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