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sold exclusively by Kobayashi Optical Co., Ltd.

#April 13, 2013

Opened new location in GlobalMall New Zuoying branch in Kaohsiung

#July 1,2012

Love & Peace charity T-shirts

Conflict situations arise around the world because of different opinions and stances, but only universal harmony can bring prosperity for all. This special-edition T-shirts are made in partnership with ECPAT Taiwan (End Children Prostitution, Child Pornography and trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, Taiwan).

#June 16, 2012

Apt. J New Yorkers concept store opening

The design of the New Yorker concept store was based on a typical American home, creating a New York-style space. Different from the traditional store environment, the concept store is displayed in a “live model” style and delivers a brand attitude that is closer to the everyday life.